How to Buy a Gun Online

Buying a Gun Online is Easy

While federal regulations prohibit direct online sales to unlicensed firearm buyers, it's simple and easy to purchase a firearm online.

Step 1: Find a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer near you and obtain a copy of their FFL. All legitimate firearm stores and gun dealers have an FFL, as well as most pawn shops and collectors.

Step 2: Shop for your gun here and add it to your shopping cart. Be sure to check state and local regulations regarding firearms, ammunition, and other products to ensure the item you selected is legal where you live.

Step 3: During the checkout process, add the name, address, and phone number of your selected FFL dealer in the "Order Comments" section.

Step 4: Send a copy of the FFL to us via fax at 814-757-8751 or email at

Step 5: Let your local FFL dealer know the gun is coming and arrange for a time to pick it up.

Tips for Ordering Online

  • Pick out a local FFL dealer before completing your transaction.
  • Be sure to ask about their transaction fee, usually around $25.
  • Provide your local FFL dealer with our contact information so they can send a copy of their FFL license as soon as you order your gun.
  • When picking up your purchase from your local FFL dealer, be sure to inspect the gun carefully. If there are any problems with the gun or if it is not the exact model that you ordered, do not accept the transfer. We will arrange for the item to be returned at our expense and issue a replacement or full refund.
  • Once you transfer ownership from your local FFL dealer, the gun is considered used. Returns must be made to the manufacturer for warranty repair or replacement.