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  • Kishels K-9 Bait

    Kishels K-9 Bait

    Kishels K-9 Bait   Long lasting and “makes ’em dig” to get a taste Aged perfectly for mouth watering attraction. Works great for Coyote, Fox, Bobcats, Coons, Mountain Lion, Badgers, and just about all other meat eating...

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  • Kishel's Multi-Musk

    Kishel's Multi-Musk

    Kishels Multi-Musk   This product contains the right amount of glands, musks, and essential oils. “Multi Musk” in one of the most universal all-purpose attractants for trappers on the market today. Very thick, long lasting,...

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  • Kishels Red Brush

    Kishels Red Brush

    Kishels Red Brush   A target specific lure for serious Fox trapping. This mild but persuasive odor goes unmatched in it's ability to attract red or gray fox…Hungry or not! A personal favorite of Kevin Kishel himself, and a...

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